Text Utility

Add Prefix and Postfix Per Line

This function allows you to customize the beginning and end of each line in your text by adding a prefix (text inserted before each line) and a postfix (text inserted after each line). This can be useful for adding watermarks, line numbers, or any other kind of repetitive text to your document.

Capitalize Each Word

This function automatically capitalizes the first letter of every word in your text. This can be helpful for quickly converting text to proper case or for ensuring consistency in your formatting.

TextSpeedy - Convert Markdown To HTML

Convert HTML To Markdown 

HTML is a coding language used to structure and format web pages. Markdown is a simpler formatting syntax that can be converted into HTML. This function transforms HTML code into its corresponding Markdown equivalent, making the text easier to read and edit.

TextSpeedy - Convert HTML to Markdown

Convert Markdown To HTML

Markdown, as mentioned previously, is a lightweight formatting language. This function takes Markdown formatting and translates it into the corresponding HTML structure, allowing you to view the formatted text within a web browser.

TextSpeedy - Convert Markdown To HTML

Extract Email Addresses

This function scans your text to identify and extract valid email addresses. This can be useful for compiling mailing lists or identifying potential customers from a block of text.

TextSpeedy - Extract Email Address

Extract Phone Numbers

Phone numbers often follow specific patterns depending on location and format. This function finds and retrieves phone numbers from a body of text, based on these predefined patterns.

TextSpeedy - Extract Phone Numbers

This function isolates and pulls out web links (URLs) embedded within your text. This can be useful for finding relevant online resources or creating a list of websites from a document.

TextSpeedy - Extract Links

Format HTML to Pretty HTML

HTML code can sometimes become difficult to read and understand due to its dense structure. This function improves the readability of HTML code by adding proper indentation and spacing, making it easier to edit and maintain.

TextSpeedy - Format to Pretty HTML

Replace Numeric Per Line

This function allows you to find and replace all numbers on each line of a document with a new number. This can be useful for anonymizing data, updating sequential numbers, or replacing specific values throughout your text.

TextSpeedy - Replace Numeric Per Line

Remove Duplicate Lines

This function deletes repeated lines within a text file, maintaining only unique lines. This can be helpful for cleaning up data sets or removing unintended duplications that might occur during text processing.

TextSpeedy - Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove Empty Lines

This function gets rid of any lines that contain no characters (blank lines). This can be useful for preparing text for further processing or for ensuring a clean and concise presentation.

TextSpeedy - Remove Empty Lines

Remove Line Breaks

Line breaks are characters that indicate the end of a line of text. This function joins together lines of text, eliminating the breaks between them. This can be useful for creating a single paragraph of text or for preparing text for specific formatting requirements.

TextSpeedy - Remove Line Break

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